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    Energy Management

    Energy management is the management of processes and policies designed to reduce energy consumption. Two main ways to save energy are:

    • Energy Conservation

      - Energy is conserved using fewer services and utilities that require energy.

    • Energy Efficiency

      - Energy Efficiency is increased such that same services are delivered with less usage of energy without adversely affecting the working environment.

      - Energy Efficiency is the most cost-effective and reliable means of mitigating global climate change.

  • What is Modeling

    What is energy modeling?

    It’s the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. It covers geometry, spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components. A computer programme is used to calculate the design energy consumption, energy cost, design performance, and the effect of any measure on the building performance.

    • Why energy modelling?

      You can predict the energy consumption and saving before implementing the new policy or building modification by estimating the payback period or life cycle cost analysis.

    • Benefits Summary

      - Early Collaboration - Quality - Economics - Early Collaboration- Parametric Modeling- Quality- Sustainability

  • Clean Development Mechanism

    The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is an arrangement under the Kyoto Protocol allowing industrialized countries with a greenhouse gas reduction commitment to invest in projects that reduce emissions in developing countries as an alternative to more expensive emission reductions in their own countries.

    • Development of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project

      - Investigating the CDM market and identifying the best
      - Securing funding for the realization of the Project
      - Drafting the PDD

    • ESCO undertakes the following tasks:

      - Buyers Initiating discussions and negotiations with buyers
      - Development Document (PDD)
      - Drafting the PDD


GRAVITAS Enterprises’ Energy Management Services Division is a strategic partner of ESCO. Spearheaded by Mr Iqbal Sheikh, the company nurtures a vision of contributing towards sustainable ways of living and ensuring a greener future for the world.

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  • Determine the causes and contributions of peak loads

  • Design, implement and supervise demand side management National programs

  • Analyze current electrical demand patterns

  • Determine peak load management measures and evaluate the technical and economical feasibility of these measures

  • Evaluate success and effectiveness

What is a green building?

Buildings that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact on the environment and occupants.

Green building design and construction practices address:

- Sustainable site planning
- Safeguarding water and water efficiency
- Energy efficiency and generation
- Conservation of materials and resources
- Indoor environmental quality.

What is building commissioning?

Commissioning is a process of verifying and documenting that the building Energy Systems are designed, installed and operated efficiently according to owner’s requirements and basis of design. It begins in pre-design and continues through design, construction, and occupancy of the facility.

Commissioning benefits:

  • - Systems perform as intended

  • - Early detection of potential problems

  • - Trained building Operators

  • - Reduces Contractor callbacks

  • - Satisfied occupants and stakeholders

  • - Lower energy use and cost

  • - Better building documentation

  • - Lower operation and maintenance cost

  • - Improves maintainability of equipment/systems

What is EVE

A systematic procedure directed towards in-depth analysis of the functions of systems, processes and building equipment to achieve...

EVE offers clients optimized building designs with considerable cost savings.