Our belief system is to attain optimum sustainability in all our projects. It is this principle applied to building systems that forms the core of our designs. Our earnest aim is to design in a manner that reduces consumption of resources and energy. All of our structures seek a viable relationship between indoors & outdoors this comes from a viewpoint of pure sustainability and responsibility towards the external environment.


    We recognize that we are often working in an environment with limited resources. Our design approach to creativity is inspired by the evolutionary processes with imbibed belief in sustainability. Our teams’ integrated mission is to deploy strategies by responding to the local climate and ecology, while addressing comfort, safety and liveability parameters. We are also mindful that projects remain economically viable and resonate with global standards.


    We do not rely on third party for project management and delivery. Our integrated engineering team ensures greater control over project development and construction, which provides us with a certainty on our construction costs and timeline. This ensures no additional costs and duplication of efforts, thus reducing the overall project costs significantly.

  • Identity

    Architecturally we celebrate identity and diversity versus visual homogeneity. Our drawing board represents ideas of market conformity and rebellion, both explored with an open mind. We consider structures to have an effect on people, be warm and receptive, and double-up as places of human interaction. This all- inclusive nature of design with a singular focus on passive and low energy is what we believe in as being the new emergent architecture.

  • Living experience

    Our emphasis is on creating an ambience that is healthy, engaging and yet balanced to achieve functional efficiency. A great design would leave a lasting impression on us, therefore we create the best of both scenarios that delivers modern structures and confirms to socio cultural fit, besides delivering optimum efficiency. A combination of past experience and techno-commercial approach delivers best returns on investment.

Architecture & Design

We are a consulting design firm offering services in architecture, interiors and landscape designs. Our firm was established over a decade ago with a view to delivering diversified design services spanning a wide variety of projects. Backed by 10 years of expertise in different metropolitan cities in India, our in-house design team brings rich experience, fresh perspective and originality, combined with technical expertise and extraordinary attention to detail. Our past projects demonstrate exceptional designs that stand out and give us an edge over others.

We believe in providing a methodical approach with flair for creativity on each project, resulting in unique and innovative designs. Our mission is to understand the client’s business vision and industry domain, and that in turn helps us translate our designs into a distinctive brand that has its own visual language and style, bringing in fantastic decors. Thus, each project is an opportunity to define a relationship between architecture, society and nature.

  • Architecture and Urban Design

  • Structural and Civil Engineering

  • Plumbing and Sanitary Engineering

  • Internal and External Electrical Works

  • Air-conditioning and HVAC Systems

  • Interior Design

  • Landscaping

  • Project Management


Our firm has received many awards and has been ranked each year in the top 20 design firms in India. Our designs have been published in various engineering magazines and been often used as a benchmark in the local industries. We have created a number of commercial complexes, offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, parks & residences. Some of our designs have gathered regional prominence due to their visual appeal, while having a great recall value. We have a strong environment-friendly approach towards design and engineering, incorporating the “greenfield” concept in most of our projects.